Joanna Baillie, a Literary Life

Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 2002 - 325 páginas
Joanna Baillie: A Literary Life is the first full-length biography of the Scottish playwright (1762-1851) based on new archival research, biographical evidence, and critical commentary. The work begins with a chronology listing family births, marriages, and deaths and adds publication dates and performance dates for Baillie's plays. After the Introduction's statement of purpose and theoretical stance, chapter 1 provides an account of Baillie's childhood and education based on archival research and on her own autobiographical papers. The ensuing chapters move through her most creative and theoretical years toward her death in 1851. Biographical evidence and critical commentary about her works are arranged chronologically, with chapter 3 dedicated almost solely to Baillie and Sir Walter Scott. Chapter 4 follows with accounts of other relationships which paralleled most of those same years. Chapter 5 continues with a focus on Baillie's religious philosophy and on her final years of copious publishing, while chapter 6 marks her death and subsequent estimation.


My fanciful untaught mind Ghosts and the Growing Imagination 17621790
Like a burnt child Theatre Theory and the Price of Fame 17911805
Beyond mere words Baillie and Scott 18061832
Not a semblance of display A Circle of Friends 18081830s
The stamp of her strong mind Critical Reading and Religious Philosophy 18311850
The majesty of a genius Epilogue for a Poet 1851
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