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CHAPTER 1.-1. Introduction. 2. Breaking up of the cantonments at

French Mills. 3. Affair at La Cole mill. 4. General Wilkinson sus.

led. 5. March of Brown's army to the Niagara. 6. Holmes' expe.

dition on the Thames. 7. Situation of affairs on lake Ontario. 8. Attack

on the towns on the American margin of the lake. 9. Capture of a Bri.

tish detachment at Sandy.bay. 10. Burning of Long Point


CHAPTER 11.-5. 1. Capture of Fort Erie. 2. Battle of Chippewa plains.

3. Battle of Bridgewater. 4. Attack upon Buffalo. 5. Siege of Fort

Erie. 6. General assault of the works. 7. Capture of two schooners on

lake Erie. 8. Critical situation of the garrison in Fort Erie. 9. Brilliant

sortie. 10. The British raise the siege. 11. Expedition under general

Bissel. 12. M'Arthur's expedition towards Burlington Heights. 13. Eva.

cuation of Canada


CHAPTER III.1. British depredations in the Chesapeake. 2. Move.

ments of Barney's flotilla. 3. Measures for the defence of Baltimore

and Washington. 4. Arrival of the expedition under general Ross.

5. Landing and movements of the British army. 6. Battle of Bladens.

burg. 7. Capture of Washington, and destruction of the public build.

ings. 8. Retreat of the British. 9. Fort Warburton blown up. 10. Alex-

andria plundered. 11 Preparations for cutting off the retreat of the

plunderers. 12. Bombardment of the batteries under commodores Por-

ter and Perry. 13. Commodore Rodgers' fire-ships. 14. Defeat and

death of sir Peter Parker


CHAPTER IV.-51. Effects resulting from the burning of Washington

in Europe and in the United States. 2. Attack upon Baltimore. 3. Bom-

bardment of Fort M'Henry. 4. Retreat of the British. 5. Proclama-

tion of sir George Prevost. 6. Repulse of the British at Otter creek

7. Expedition against Plattsburg. 8. Capture of the British squadron

on Lake Champlain. 9. Attack on the American works near Plattsburg:

10. Retreat of Prevost


CHAPTER V.--$1. Operations in New England. 2. Bombardment of

Stonington. 3. Proclamation of neutrality towards Eastport. 4. Cap-

ture of that place. 5. Capture of Castine. 6. Destruction of the Adams

frigate. 7. Surrender of the country between the Penobscot and Passa-

maquoddy bay. 8. Expedition against Michillimackinac. 9. Destruc.

tion of the establishment at St. Mary's. 10. Attack on Michillimackinac.

11. Destruction of the establishment at Nautauwasaga. 12. Capture of

the American blockading force on Lake Huron


CHAPTER VI.-51. State of affairs in the Creek territory. 2. Battle of

Eccanachaca. 3. Expedition of general Jackson. 4. Attack on ge.eral

Floyd's camp. 5. Battle of the Horse-Shoe. 6. Treaty of peace with


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