An impartial history of Europe, from the death of Louis xvi. To which is prefixed, a sketch of the French revolution, Volumen4


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Página 332 - The war was now continued from street to street, from house to house, and from room to room; pride and indignation having wrought up the French to a pitch of obstinate fury, little inferior to the devoted courage of the patriots. During the whole siege, no man distinguished himself more remarkably than the curate of one of the parishes, within the walls, by name P.
Página 409 - They rushed on, driving the French before them, till they were stopped by a wall. Sir John accompanied them in this charge, and told the soldiers that he was " well pleased with their conduct.
Página 384 - The commander of the forces has observed with concern, the extreme bad conduct of the troops, at a moment when they are about to come into contact with the enemy, and when the greatest regularity and the best conduct are the most requisite.
Página 408 - The two lines of infantry advanced against each other : they were separated by stone walls and hedges which intersected the ground; but as they closed, it was perceived that the French line extended beyond the right flank of the British, and a body of the enemy was observed moving up the valley to turn it.
Página 82 - The wildest schemes," he remarked, " that were ever before broached, would not go so far to shake the foundations of all established government, as this new practice. There must be in every nation a certain attachment of the people to its form of government, without which no government could exist. The system, then, of transferring the subjects of one prince to another, strikes at the foundation of every government, and the existence of every nation.
Página 300 - Queen and the Emperor, expressions so disgusting and humiliating, that I do not dare to record them. All the party were seated except King Ferdinand, •whom the Father ordered to make an absolute renunciation of the Crown, under pain of being treated, with all his household, as an usurper of the throne, and a conspirator against the life of his parents.
Página 152 - I desire peace with England. On my part, I shall never delay it for a moment. I shall always be ready to conclude it, taking for its basis the stipulations of the treaty of Amiens.
Página 409 - ... struck his left shoulder, and beat him to the ground. He raised himself, and sat up with an unaltered countenance, looking intently at the Highlanders, who were warmly engaged. Captain Hardinge threw himself from his horse, and took him by the hand ; then, observing his anxiety, he told him the 42d were advancing ; upon which his countenance immediately brightened. His friend Colonel Graham now dismounted, to assist him ; and, from the composure of his features, entertained hopes that he was...
Página 256 - Napoleon, by the grace of God and the constitution, emperor of the French, king of Italy, and protector of the confederation of the Rhine...
Página 293 - The carriage stopped, and the mayor addressed his majesty in the most lively expressions of joy, at having the honour of being the first to receive a king, who was the friend and ally of France. Soon after lie was met by the deputation of three grandees, who had been sent off...

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