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Transaticns in Parliament relative to the Stoppage of Payment in Sfecie of

the Bank of England,


Copies of all Communications between the Dire@lors of the Bank and the Chan-

cellor of the Exchequer, refprcling Advances to Government since the firs of
Notenber, 1791,

Report from the Committee of Serocy, afpointed by the House of Lords to cua-

muine and fare the total Amount of outsonding Demands on the Bank of
England, and likezvise of the Fund's for visibaiging the same, and to riport
the Rult tbereof to the Huule, togeiber zeith their Opnion on the N.celi'y

of rorridi jor the Confirmation and Continuance of Measures taken in

pursuance of ibe Minute of Council on the 26th of February last, (217)

Copy of Rilolutions mor ed by the Duk: of Bed ord, May 15, 1797, in Con-

Jezuince of the a'ore Report Tie previous Question carried on the

obore Siries,


Protik catered on the fournals of the House of Lords, in Consequence of the

Reflt on of the Honje to reject the Motion of the Duke of Bedford for the
Dimiffion of Vinters,


His Macly's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, Tusfilay, July 20, 1797,


His Hairly's Speech to boil Houses of Parliament, Nov. 2, 1797, (228)

Address of the House of Icers to the King,


The humble Aldrifs of the blouse of Commons to the King, moved by Mr. Wil.
brabam Bootle,


Papers cubicb pared in the late Negotiation for Peace at Life, between Lord

Vaneury, Plenipotentiary from the King of Great Britain, and the Com.

mhours from the French Directory. Presented to the House of Commons,

by Command of his Majefy, November 3, 1797,


Dilaration of the King of G eat Britain to the People, respecting the Rupture

of the late Nezotiation,

Joint Address of bor" Houses of Parliament to his 11ij fty, presented Nov.
15, 179",

Treaty of Navigation and Commerce beturen bis Britannic Majesty and ibe.

Emjeror of Ruja, signed at St. Petersburgh, Feb. 10-21, 179, (26)

Proceedings of a Meeting held in Palace l'ard, Iloft minfter, April 3, (303)

Speech of bis Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to both Horfis of

Parliament, July 3,


Proclamation of General Lake, Commander in Chief of the Northern Diftrict

in Ireland,


Jintage from bis Excellency the Lord Lieutenant to the House of Conions,


Refeript, publisted by Order of the King of Prusia respecting the Profil

Tirritories on the left Bank of the Rbine,


Letter of Convocation adressed to the Plenipotentiary Envays of the 14,-

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Ode for the Nexu Year,

Elegy written in a Church-Yard in South Wales,

Lines addressed to a Fountain,
Scenery by Moonlight, Melna and the Gbost of Hidallan,
Elinor, a Botany-Bay Eclogue,
Mary the Maid of the Inn,
Lines found in a Bower facing the South,

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The character of a nation, both with respect to morals and literature, is commonly found to vary with that of its rulers. Morals and literature are indeed in many respects closely connected; and science will not in general flourish without cultivation. The writers therefore, in many departments, of what are termed the belles lettres, in particular, will assume a cast and character from the manners of the times ; and, though individuals may casually arise eminent in particular branches of science, yet, those which are most encouraged will in general occupy most the attention of mankind.

We are now arrived at a period which, in character and manners, afforded a remarkable contrast to that which it immediately succeeded. Indeed it is difficult to conceive how, in fo short a lapse of time, the genius and pursuits of a peob


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